Locally Owned

Akron landscaping at it’s finest. Locally headquartered and locally owned. We’re proud to be part of the Northeast Ohio fabric. We mean it when we say “think global, act local!”

Full Service Landscaping

It’s more than just cutting the grass! Trava Landscaping can help with fertilization, mulching, and hardscapes, among other services.


Trava Landscaping is a socially and environmentally responsible service provider. We believe in beautiful landscapes that synergize with natural habitats.

Full-service landscaping simplifies your life and saves you money.

Trava Landscaping is structured to service all levels of buildings and residences, no matter what size of business you have.
We’ve developed our services to be able to service your facility or residence year round. From spring cleaning to summer moving to fall leaf pick-up to winter snow removal, Trava has you covered!

 Commercial Services

Trava Landscaping provides a variety of Commercial Landscaping services. From turf care to fertilization, we’ll have the exterior of your building lush, verdant, and beautiful.


 Residential Services

Our full-service residential team can help your residence with everything from mulching to trimming to weed removal. Click here to learn how Trava Landscaping can transform your residential landscape.


Getting started with Trava is easy! gastropneumatic